Mosaique at Coin Excelsior

Mosaique at Coin Excelsior

Our colaboration with Coin is getting luxorious!
Get involed into the refined and elegant Excelsior Coin atmosphere where you will get in touch with our products!

Come and find out more about our new Fall-Winter 2015 collection at Coin Excelsior to get ready for the cold with the right style!

You can find us at:
Coin Excelsior - Venezia, Cannaregio, 5787 (news!)
Coin Excelsior - Roma, Via Cola di Rienzo, 173

Mosaique at Coin

Mosaique at Coin

Our colaboration with Coin goes on. You can find our brand in many cities. Come and visit our corners to get in touch with our products and to get ready for summer with our beachwear and our accessories!
Come and discover our Collection SS 2015 at Coin.

You can find us at:
Coin - Milano, P.zza Cinque Giornate, 1/A
Coin - Roma, Via Cola di Rienzo, 173
Coin - Roma San Giovanni, P. le Appio, 7
Coin - Roma, Cinecittadue, Viale Palmiro Togliatti, 2
Coin - Bergamo, Via Zambonate, 11
Coin - Brescia, Magenta, 2
Coin - Parma, Via Mazzini, 6
Coin - Treviso, del Popolo, 42
Coin - Mestre, Piazza XXVII Ottobre – Ang. Via Lazzari, 4/C
Coin – Vicenza, Piazza del Castello, 19
Coin - Rimini, D'Augusto, 59
Coin - Sanremo, Via Matteotti, 50/52
Coin - Catania, Via Etnea, 116/124